The Dark Side of Hypnosis (History of Hypnosis Documentary Series – Episode 04) With Dan Jones

This is a new series I (Dan) am creating about hypnosis.

This is the final episode in this series of four episodes. This fourth episode is about the dark side of hypnosis.

Unlike my other three videos, because I am covering a range of topics, this isn’t in historical order as such. I talk about accidentally negatively influencing others, mass hypnosis and early outlines about this, cults, politicians and advertisers using hypnosis, hypnotic seduction and more.

As I wanted to get all of this information into this final episode, it has made this episode extra long – at just over 2 hours. So, to make things easier for those who would like to watch this in sections, I’ve bookmarked each section of the video.

You can find timings below:

01:10 Part One – Hypnotising Hitler

18:27 Part Two – Mass Hypnosis

36:03 Part Three – Political Hypnosis

01:03:27 Part Four – Con-Artists & Cult Manipulation

01:32:39 Part Five – Dying for Beliefs, Faith Healing, Advertising

01:52:53 Part Six – Mind Control, Hypnotic Seduction

You can find out more about Dr David Lewis’s book Triumph of the Will? here:

The first three videos were based on content from Dan Jones hypnosis book ‘Introduction to Hypnotherapy’ which is book one in the ‘Hypnotherapy Revealed’ series (Available in paperback and Kindle eBook, more information here:

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