Hypnosis (History of Hypnosis Documentary Series – Episode 03) With Dan Jones

This is a new series I (Dan) am creating about hypnosis. I have planned episodes and will do my best to create them all back to back, but they do take a very long time to make. If there are #hypnosis documentary ideas you would like to see, share in the comments below. This third episode is about hypnosis.

In this episode we cover the work of James Braid, through hypnosis developing across the late 1800’s, the lull of hypnosis in the early 1900’s, the rise of self-hypnosis and the progress of hypnosis research through the 1900’s and into the 2000’s.

Based on content from Dan Jones hypnosis book ‘Introduction to Hypnotherapy’ which is book one in the ‘Hypnotherapy Revealed’ series (Available in paperback and Kindle eBook, more information here: http://smarturl.it/22y8sl)

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