Mesmerism (History of Hypnosis Documentary Series – Episode 02) With Dan Jones

This is a new series I (Dan) am creating about hypnosis. I have planned episodes and will do my best to create them all back to back, but they do take a very long time to make. If there are #hypnosis documentary ideas you would like to see, share in the comments below.

This second episode is about #mesmerism. In this episode we cover the work of Franz Anton Mesmer and some of the other key mesmerists and healers around at the time, following the story of mesmerism through the commission debunking Mesmer’s theories and mesmerism’s spread to the UK and USA, up to the time of the birth of hypnotism.

Based on content from Dan Jones hypnosis book ‘Introduction to Hypnotherapy’ which is book one in the ‘Hypnotherapy Revealed’ series (Available in paperback and Kindle eBook, more information here:

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