Helping Your Child Through School, six part series – By Dr David Lewis

In this, the first of six videos, I explain how to construct a powerful learning machine from nothing more complicated and expensive than a piece of cardboard. Using this and sheets of paper, students of any age can significantly extend and enhance their learning ability. Between 11 and 16 youngsters, are going through one of the most vital learning periods of their lives.

Being helped by teachers to prepare their brains for the rigorous and daunting challenges that lie ahead. Finding a worthwhile job, building a fulfilling career, and living enjoyable and rewarding adult lives. For the first time in the past half-century at least, both children and teachers are being obliged to do all this under uniquely difficult and challenging social and educational disruptions.

I’ve entitled my series, Helping Your Child Through School, because I believe it is only through a strong and mutually supportive partnership between a child’s carers and their school that sustained educational progress can be made. Next week I will be describing how to construct and use the second vital aid to learning, the knowledge wheel.

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