Letting Go, Stress Relief – Self Hypnosis With Dan Jones (A Rare Remastered Recording from 2001)

This is a self hypnosis track that I recorded in 2001 which I recently found and thought could be interesting to share. This is a Letting Go, Stress Relief self hypnosis track and is far more direct in the approach used that what I do nowadays, this was recorded around the time I became a professional hypnotherapist and started seeing paid clients. I actually started learning hypnosis back in about 1992 as a teenager, but nearly all learning back then promoted the idea of being very direct and commanding in the approach used and I thought this was how you had to do it, so I did as I was learning. There was very little available to me teaching a more nuanced approach.

By 2004 I had progressed significantly towards how I communicate now, so this is a rare glimpse of how I used to do things before taking an educational leap. I was about 22/23 years old at the point of recording this. I have spent many hours remastering it, cleaning up the audio as best as I could and then adding some background sounds. The original audio was recorded through a cheap microphone into the PC that I had at the time and at a very low bitrate. It had a lot of background humming, crackles, pops and hisses and other audio artifacts.

This self hypnosis track is to help the listener to let go of life’s problems and reduce stress… This self hypnosis track gives the listener the choice whether to drift off asleep at the end or to awaken when counted out… Those who listen to my work regularly with notice many significant differences between this and what you usually hear me do…

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