Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Self Hypnosis With Dan Jones

This self-hypnosis track is to help the listener to work on overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. Like all self-hypnosis tracks, it is to be listened to and engaged with frequently. You want to listen at a time you won’t be disturbed, when you can pay it your full attention and when you are likely to be able to stay awake for the duration of the self-hypnosis track (if someone falls asleep listening to self-hypnosis tracks they stop engaging at the point they fall asleep and so stop getting the therapeutic benefits because they aren’t engaging in the ‘therapy’).

This self-hypnosis track for helping overcome anxiety and panic attacks isn’t a replacement for professional medical support. Contained within this self-hypnosis track are therapeutic metaphors and processes for the listener to engage with and learn from. It is recommended that you listen and engage with this self-hypnosis track daily at first and as you put into practice what you are learning and gaining from the track in conjunction with other more targeted therapeutic support you are receiving (for example, like learning breathing techniques, addressing specific personal issues and talking through with a therapist new ways of looking at things etc) then reducing the use of the track to perhaps a couple of times per week, then weekly, then less frequently, until you are listening just when you need a booster or top-up or recap of the ideas presented in this self-hypnosis track.

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