Dealing With Workplace Stress – By Dr David Lewis

In Medieval times “stress” described the type of physical torture needed to extract a confession. Torturers used the thumbscrew to produce compression stress, the rack to induce tensile stress and the spikes of the Iron Maiden to apply “sheer” stress!

Today, the thumbscrew, rack and Iron Maiden have been replaced by excessive workloads, information overload, financial worries, family rows, traffic congestion, aggressive confrontations and relentless deadlines. In our fast paced, globally competitive workplace world stress arises from a wide range of factors including:

  • Staff reductions, often among middle management, create more time pressure and stress for those remaining.
  • Cost cutting which has created a need to achieve more but with fewer resources.
  • Intense competition within and between companies that make it harder for individuals and organisations even to stay in the same place.
  • Information Overload. With the amount of available knowledge constantly increasing, it becomes even harder and more time consuming to keep abreast of the latest developments in your area of expertise.
  • The exponential increase also means information now has a more limited ‘sell by’ date that at any time in our history. Individuals and companies must either keep up or fall rapidly and potentially fatally behind the competition.
  • Time pressures can adversely affect decision-making producing a state of what psychologists term hyper-vigilance sometimes resulting in unforseen and catastrophic misjudgements.

Some twenty years ago I wrote and presented a video offering practical strategies for reducing stress through effective time management. Since it was filmed the programme has been followed by hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals. Although now somewhat dated in style, the techniques and procedures I describe remain as powerful and effective today as when the 50 minute long film was first made.

Why not take these exercises and profiles to discover your attitude to time.

What is your time worth? Do you ever wonder where your time has gone? Take a look at how to keep track of your time, what your time is worth and how to manage your time

You can purchase and download the 50 minute long, professionally produced video Time and Stress Management for just £9.99


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